Saturday, 1 May 2021

According to the QUEEN OF CUPS card at the beginning of May, Aries people should not rush to make a decision.

 Find out what today will be like for you on Tarot Cards on Sunday, May 2, from astrologer Pranita Deshmukh.


 No matter what your state of mind is, don't let it affect your work or personal life.  Hastening to make your decision can do a little bit of work against you.  It will be difficult for you today to show more confidence in people than you need.

 Career: - People involved in the marketing field move the work forward by reading the work related papers properly.

 Love: - Misinterpretation of what your partner says can lead to problems.

 Health: - There will be troubles like cough and fever.

 Auspicious color: - White

 Auspicious number: 3


 Vrushbha: DEATH

 Disagreements can arise with friends today.  The mind will be distracted by a little old talk.  Keep handling valuables.  Economic losses are likely.  Emotions need to be controlled today.  Start the morning with sunrise.

 Career: - Will be frustrated with seniors.

 Love: - You will be disturbed in the memory of a loved one.

 Health: - Hormonal imbalance can make your mood worse.

 Auspicious color: - Blue

 Auspicious number: 2



 Today you will win after the struggle, but keep in mind that your struggle is not due to ego.  Your focus and hard work today will help you move forward.  Today the work will be successful.

 Career: - Will get praise from seniors and friends.

 Love: - Your desire to win every time can make a loved one sad.

 Health: - There will be a healthy and uplifting day.

 Good rangah pink

 Auspicious number: 8



 Today will be a stressful day.  If you have financial worries, the solution will be found by evening.  Despite the stress today, you will still have confidence.  Economic worries will only be today.

 Career: - None of your work will be completed today.

 Love: - Will get the cooperation of a loved one.

 Health: - Illnesses associated with migraines or headaches can be irritating.

 Auspicious color: Orange

 Auspicious number: 5



 You will make a decision today regarding any trip.  Time spent with family will give mental satisfaction.  You will also be able to make important decisions today related to family.  Walking with everyone is your specialty.

 Career: - Do not take responsibility for work beyond capacity.

 Health: - Problems associated with urine can be irritating for a while.

 Auspicious color: - Brown

 Auspicious number: 8


 Kanya: THE SUN

 There will be a lot of collaboration on an emotional level with the male members of the household which will be a source of your enthusiasm.  Happiness will come from the offspring.  The problems that existed today will be overcome by someone else.

 Career: - New work will start.

 Love: - There will be a sudden visit with a loved one.

 Health: - Do not consume hot foods.

 Auspicious color: Gray

 Auspicious number: 3



 Don't make property or financial decisions today.  Economic transactions are likely to suffer.  Only make a decision after reading an important document.  Any member of the household will cause disappointment.

 Career: - Will get general success in work

 Love: Don't hide anything from your partner.

 Health: - Do not ignore the problem of the body.

 Auspicious color: - Blue

 Auspicious number: 1


 Vruchik: THE WORLD

 Mental health will be a concern today.  Sometimes a person is so lost in thought that he has no idea of ​​his situation.  Today you have to recognize your potential.

 Career: - Career needs to be changed.

 Love: - Express feelings openly.

 Health: - Any respiratory disease can occur.

 Auspicious color: Green

 Auspicious number: 5



 See you happy from the outside today.  Anxiety can scare you from within.  Don't run away from the problem and don't overlook it.  No matter how hard we try, we can't run away on our own.

 Career: - There will be stress due to work load.

 Love: - There will be a mixed fruitful day related to love.

 Health: - Take care of bedtime.

 Good rangah pink

 Auspicious number: 7


 Makar: - SIX OF CUPS

 Land-related transactions can benefit.  Family life will improve as the old quarrel ends.  People connected to the media can be known for their work.

 Career: - A person in the banking sector can get praise from a high official.

 Love: - Husband-wife relationship will improve.

 Health: - Elderly people will have back pain.

 Auspicious color: Red

 Auspicious number: 6



 Young people today need to exercise caution.  A small mistake you make can affect your future.  Remember this.  Family members will be concerned that students' minds will not be in the study.

 Career: - Higher education will require more hard work.

 Love: - Insisting on love marriage can be harmful for you.

 Health: - Headaches can be experienced.

 Auspicious color: - Blue

 Auspicious number: 1


રાશિ ફળ ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા માટે અહીં ક્લીક કરો


 Balance will be maintained in your life.  Good news can come from a person located abroad or even new opportunities for you.  The sudden arrival of a distant relative at home will keep the family happy.

 Career: - The dilemma associated with career can increase.

 Love: - Marriage will be a source of trouble for you

 Auspicious color: - White

 Auspicious number: 4

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