Thursday, 29 April 2021

This ayurvedic medicine is proving to be effective in the treatment of corona

 Ayurvedic medicine, on the other hand, has also been approved by the Union Ministry of Health while vaccination is being carried out by the government to fight the corona virus infection.

 News of relief came amid the Corona crisis

 AYUSH 64 is effective for the treatment of corona

 The Ministry of Health tweeted the information

 According to the AYUSH Ministry, a drug called AYUSH 64 was involved in the fight against Corona.

 In a press conference (VC) organized today by the MoA, the efficacy of AYUSH-64 in the treatment of asymptomatic, mild & moderate cases of Covid 19, was announced.  In the current situation, this positive finding by scientists of reputed research institutions brings a ray of

 - Ministry of Ayush (aymoayush) April 29, 2021

 Information provided by the Ministry of AYUSH

 The AYUSH ministry gave this information through a press conference on Thursday.

 The hard work of the scientists is a ray of hope amid the growing transition to corona in the country, the AYUSH ministry said.

 AYUSH 64 of Ayurvedic medicine

 Dr. Bhushan Patwardhan, National Research Professor, AYUSH, said that the results of AYUSH 64 are very encouraging and the results of its clinical trials will be published soon in the world's reputed medical journals.  AYUSH 64 is an herbal medicine and has been researched by the Central Ayurvedic Science Research Council.  This drug will be an effective choice for the treatment of common and moderate coronary heart disease.

 The mask is the biggest weapon

 Union Health Minister Harshvardhan said the mask was the biggest weapon in the fight against Kovid.  Do as you please but don't miss the cowardly deal.  A distance of 2 yards should not be forgotten and a test should be done if there are any common symptoms.

 The highest number of 379,459 new corona cases came up in a single day

 The highest number of 379,459 new corona cases were reported in the country in a single day on Wednesday, according to WorldDometer, with 3647 people killed in the process.  This is the first time since the onset of the epidemic that around 3 lakh 80 thousand new cases have come in a single day in the country and such a large number of deaths have taken place.  Thus the total number of corona cases in the country has gone up to 18, 368, 096.  So far 204,812 people have died.

માહિતી ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા માટે અહીં ક્લીક કરો

 The national recovery rate fell to 81 percent

 So far 15,078,276 people have recovered from the epidemic.  On Tuesday, Coronana set a similar alarming record.  While in one day 3 lakh 62 thousand new cases came up and 3285 people were killed.  According to statistics, more than 30 lakh 80 thousand people are now in the grip of infection.  Which is about 17 percent of the total cases of transition.  While the national rate of recovery from covid has dropped to 81 per cent.

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